Monthly Archive: August 2019


An unprivileged user or program on Microsoft Windows which can create OpenSSL configuration files in a fixed location may cause utility programs shipped with MongoDB server to run attacker defined code as the user...


Incorrect scoping of kill operations in MongoDB Server’s packaged SysV init scripts allow users with write access to the PID file to insert arbitrary PIDs to be killed when the root user stops the...


The easy-pdf-restaurant-menu-upload plugin before 1.1.2 for WordPress has XSS. Date published : 2019-08-30 Easy restaurant menu upload


The facebook-for-woocommerce plugin before 1.9.15 for WordPress has CSRF via ajax_woo_infobanner_post_click, ajax_woo_infobanner_post_xout, or ajax_fb_toggle_visibility. Date published : 2019-08-30 Facebook for WooCommerce


The facebook-for-woocommerce plugin before 1.9.14 for WordPress has CSRF. Date published : 2019-08-30 Facebook for WooCommerce