Monthly Archive: January 2000


Cisco Cache Engine allows a remote attacker to gain access via a null username and password. Date published : 2000-01-18


Windows NT Local Security Authority (LSA) allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via malformed arguments to the LsaLookupSids function which looks up the SID, aka "Malformed Security Identifier Request." Date published...


Race condition in wu-ftpd and BSDI ftpd allows remote attackers to gain root access via the SITE EXEC command. Date published : 2000-01-18


Buffer overflow in Netscape Enterprise Server and Netscape FastTrack Server allows remote attackers to gain privileges via the HTTP Basic Authentication procedure. Date published : 2000-01-18


Buffer overflow in free internet chess server (FICS) program, xboard. Date published : 2000-01-18