Category: Vulnerabilities


modules/Users/models/Module.php in Vtiger CRM 7.5.0 allows a remote authenticated attacker to run arbitrary PHP code because an unprotected endpoint allows them to write this code to the file (executed on every page load)....


A Privilege Escalation issue in the inter-process communication procedure from GOG Galaxy (Beta) through v2.0.71.2 allows authentictaed users to change the DACL of arbitrary system directories to include Everyone full control permissions by...


An issue exists in GalaxyClientService.exe in GOG Galaxy (Beta) through that could allow authenticated users to overwrite and corrupt critical system files via a combination of an NTFS Junction and an RPC...


Buffer Overflow vulnerability in osrg gobgp commit 419c50dfac578daa4d11256904d0dc182f1a9b22 allows a remote attacker to cause a denial of service via the handlingError function in pkg/server/fsm.go. Date published : 2024-04-29


Buffer Overflow vulnerability in msoulier tftpy commit 467017b844bf6e31745138a30e2509145b0c529c allows a remote attacker to cause a denial of service via the parse function in the TftpPacketFactory class. Date published : 2024-04-29