Monthly Archive: March 2000


The web administration interface for Cisco Cache Engine allows remote attackers to view performance statistics. Date published : 2000-03-22


Cisco Cache Engine allows an attacker to replace content in the cache. Date published : 2000-03-22


Buffer overflow in Solaris getopt in libc allows local users to gain root privileges via a long argv[0]. Date published : 2000-03-22


Buffer overflow in FreeBSD setlocale in the libc module allows attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long PATH_LOCALE environment variable. Date published : 2000-03-22


WebTrends software stores account names and passwords in a file which does not have restricted access permissions. Date published : 2000-03-22


Denial of service in Solaris TCP streams driver via a malicious connection that causes the server to panic as a result of recursive calls to mutex_enter. Date published : 2000-03-22


Buffer overflow in RealNetworks RealServer administration utility allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a long username and password. Date published : 2000-03-22


userOsa in SCO OpenServer allows local users to corrupt files via a symlink attack. Date published : 2000-03-22