Monthly Archive: May 2001


Netcruiser Web server version and earlier allows remote attackers to determine the physical path of the server via a URL containing (1) con, (2) com2, or (3) com3. Date published : 2001-05-24


Directory traversal vulnerability in RaidenFTPD Server 2.1 before build 952 allows attackers to access files outside the ftp root via dot dot attacks, such as (1) …. in CWD, (2) .. in NLST, or...


Tektronix PhaserLink 850 does not require authentication for access to configuration pages such as _ncl_subjects.shtml and _ncl_items.shtml, which allows remote attackers to modify configuration information and cause a denial of service by accessing the...


Configuration error in Axent Raptor Firewall 6.5 allows remote attackers to use the firewall as a proxy to access internal web resources when the http.noproxy Rule is not set. Date published : 2001-05-24


Directory traversal vulnerability in Alex’s FTP Server 0.7 allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a … (modified dot dot) in the (1) GET or (2) CD commands. Date published : 2001-05-24


Multiple buffer overflows in s.cgi program in Aspseek search engine 1.03 and earlier allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via (1) a long HTTP query string, or (2) a long tmpl parameter. Date...


SSH daemon version 1 (aka SSHD-1 or SSH-1) 1.2.30 and earlier does not log repeated login attempts, which could allow remote attackers to compromise accounts without detection via a brute force attack. Date published...